The Noble House Real Estate presents to the market Muraba Apartments. The 3 bedroom apartments offers a large Built Up Area of 2,430 sq.ft, created and designed with a certain sensibility in mind. A considered visual aesthetic, but also a conscious desire to create a positive ambiance; a connection with the environment that may not be entirely tangible. To look out across the horizon is always inspiring. To watch the sun rise over the city–your city–can energize your thoughts and crystallize your intuition. Light is an integral element; how it behaves throughout the day; how it moves through the rooms. Open, but without compromising privacy. To be at home is to be entirely at ease with your surroundings. The space, the flow, entirely in tune.

Living room: Floor-to-ceiling windows make the most of the panoramic views across the Dubai skyline, and create a minimal transition between interior and exterior spaces. A key part of the building’s design is to balance maximum visibility with the requirements of each resident’s privacy.


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